in order to join
We would prefer that your usernames be related to your character's names in some way. Both an ic and ooc post, screened and backdated, are required. If your character is established, we DO NOT require you to delete the comments already there but you can if you like. Please have a minimum of 5 icons using your pb of choice and be sure your character is withing 5 years +/- of their real age. We will not be requiring examples but please have either a detailed biography or a list of well thought out facts so that we can get a feel for who your character really is and what they will bring to the game. We understand that some people build their characters as they write but please provide us with more information than name, date of birth, and occupation. We are a group of writers, after all, and we know you are capable of imagining a little bit more than that to start.

We encourage all types of characters from all walks of life. No two people are the same and so we want to see as much diversity as possible. You want to play a drag queen who works as a barista during the day? Go for it! You want to play a struggling artist who models nude for college classes? Fantastic! You want to play someone connected to the inner workings of the Boston mafia? Hey, we know they exist somewhere, so why not?! Get creative, but also remember that realism is key. If it's something so completely outlandish that you'd either only see it on a TV show, in a movie, or as part of a comic book? Maybe double check with us first before following through with it.

Organic line building is often preferred by writers but as this is an invite only community, you should already be entering the game to at least one 'friendly face' in play. We encourage you to pimp at ~pbads only when trying to fill a specific line for your character or for someone else if you know what they are seeking. We intend to keep this game fairly small so that there is generous interactions but do not want to keep you from getting exactly what you need/want for your character. And if you have any questions or comments about something before joining or even after, don't hesitate to drop us a line. That's what the mods are here for and we really do want this game to be as active and inclusive as it can be.

activity requirements
Once accepted into the game, the first requirement is for you to introduce yourself! Or, your character, that is. So please make sure you leave a post here within 72 hours of being accepted into the game. We also encourage you to leave a post here letting the rest of the players know what kinds of lines you're looking for. As time goes on, we may add a 'Wanted SL' post on the mod journal but for now, feel free to seek your lines at ~bigcrabapple and ~pbads.

Each month, you will need to submit two forms of activity. One will need to contain some sort of original writing (a narrative, journal entry, complete scene, etc.) and the other can be anything interactive (instagram post, moodboard, lyric share) so long as the majority of the comments are replied to. Your activity will need to be left here by the last day of each month. If you are removed for inactivity, you will need to reapply and submit the missing activity to be allowed back into the game. We do, however, understand that real life may get in the way sometimes so please feel free to reach out to the mods if you feel you may need an extension or to be placed on hiatus. Also, you will need to be sure that you keep your friends list up-to-date to ensure the game keeps moving and nobody feels left out. If friends lists go more than two weeks without being updated, we will reach out to be sure you still want to be a part of the game.

That being said, there is currently a limit of three characters per player. But keep in mind that you will need to meet the requirements each month for all of them. We would like to make this an inclusive and fun place to write. So please be sure that on top of meeting these requirements, you're commenting around and interacting with those outside of your immediate line. Branch out and have fun!

and all that jazz
IC drama is great! OOC drama? Not so much. If you have issues with another writer, please come to the mods and we will try and help. If we are made aware of an OOC issue (such as bullying, harassment, or abuse) and there is substantial evidence, you will be immediately removed from the community. We suggest that everyone disables anons on their journals as well to avoid harassment. Just be kind. This is a hobby and we want to have fun, not use it to tear others down.

If you are writing about sensitive topics (such as abuse, sexual assault, addiction, death, etc) please use a trigger warning and put the entry under a cut. We are fine with these subjects being explored, however, we do not want anyone here to feel uncomfortable or to be upset. We also ask that you if you intend to post anything NSFW, you label your post for that as well and use a cut. It's perfectly fine to share that sort of thing as this is an adult community, but please be kind to those who might be checking these things in the office!

And last but not least, we really do want everyone to enjoy writing here. If you have ANY issues, feel free to come to us with them. We will do our best to help you out. We are also all about growth and development as writers and we value the integrity of the game we all love. So if your application is denied for any reason, please ask us. We will tell you why and try our best to help you fix whatever you can. All we ask is that you put forth your best efforts for as long as you are here with us.